Three Reasons To Update Your Bathroom With Your Pipes

15 February 2018
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Bad pipes in a bathroom are bad for business. If your store has bad pipes inside of the restroom, you may notice toilets that stop up easily and the sink can leak. This leads to a poorly running restroom which also equates to poor customer experience inside of your store. Getting commercial plumbing repair is the first step towards making your bathrooms better. You should also consider updating your restrooms along with the pipes for three reasons. 

Better toilets mean less mess

If you can purchase toilets that are easier to flush and easier to clean, your store employees and customers will thank you. When you are upgrading the pipes, order brand new toilets that have self-cleaning abilities. This will keep down the odor in the restroom and can help keep the bowl clean without your staff needing clean throughout the day. Ask your plumber about toilets that save water and have self-cleaning settings. 

Self-running seats make less mess

Sinks that have a remote sensor for hands make things easier for customers. Not having to touch the knobs to turn on the sink means that the water can be kept directly underneath the faucet and over the drain. This will decrease the spilling over of water from the sink to the floor, which can become a hazard. Make sure that the new pipes that are installed in the sink will have appropriate water pressure so that customers can run the sink for only a few seconds at a time to thoroughly clean their hands. Be sure to go with a metal pipe choice that will allow for hot water to be used without causing issues with the pipes.

Have drains installed on the floors

In the event of one of the toilets flooding or one of the sinks leaking, you will need to have drains installed on the floor. The drain will allow water to run out without the floor becoming covered and creating a hazard for anyone using the facilities. The drains can be as small as a slit so that they do not present a tripping hazard for the restroom. Have your commercial plumber install drains inside of the restroom that are small and inconspicuous but can wash away all water that reaches the floor. This will also make it easier for your employees to mop the floor at night and not have to worry about excess water remaining. 

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