A Helpful Checklist When Maintaining The AC Unit

21 February 2018
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During the summer, perhaps the most important device to maintain is the AC unit. Failing to do so could result in costly inefficiency and complicated repairs. Prevent these problems from ever arising by following this AC maintenance checklist before it's too late. 

Keep Evaporator Coil Clean

The evaporator coil is responsible for bringing cool air into your home. When it gets dirty, from things like dirt and debris, it stops working properly and could even overheat. Keeping this coil clean isn't that difficult, fortunately.

First, you need to turn your AC unit off completely. Then, you need to remove the access panel, which will expose the evaporator coil inside your home. For dirt and debris, use compressed air. It allows you to clean quickly while helping you keep your hands clean. It's important to wear eye protection when using compressed air, as particles will more than likely spread all over the vicinity.

Replace Dirty Air Filter 

Just like the evaporator coil, the air filter of your AC unit won't work properly if it gets too dirty. All sorts of problems could arise, in fact, like the air quality degrading over time and integral parts wearing down.

If the air filter is not clean and is completely covered in dust and dirt, look for a suitable replacement. There are many different types you can choose from. Reusable filters are great if you want to cut down on replacement costs, while HEPA air filters are specially designed to improve air quality for those in your household that suffer from allergies.

Monitor the Refrigerant 

Cool air can't get into your home if your AC unit doesn't have the proper refrigerant levels. If your unit is producing little to no cool air often, first check the coolant line insulation. It may be damaged or torn, in which case you should have it replaced by an air conditioning repair service.

If you suspect that your refrigerant -- or Freon -- needs to be recharged, you need to contact a licensed air conditioner professional. Not only do they have the legal authority to recharge your system, but they'll do so in a safe and quick manner. 

Like most families, you probably depend on the AC unit during the hotter days of the year. Make sure it can do its job correctly and efficiently by keeping up with maintenance. Keep an eye on important parts and hire professionals when the repair or maintenance job is too complex and time-consuming for you to handle.