Three Signs You Need Professional Drain Cleaning Services

21 February 2018
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There are many benefits of hiring professionals for drain cleaning services rather than attempting to perform the task on your own. First of all, the chemicals in regular drain cleaners found at home goods stores are not actually good for the drains and can cause more problems over time rather than just getting to the root of the problem, which is repairing dirty drains. Professional plumbing services will use cleaners that do not break down the pipes, but simply clean them so your plumbing system performs better. However, how do you know when to hire these services? Here are three signs that it's probably needed:

  1. Gurgling Sounds: First off, if you hear any gurgling sounds coming from the drains, you probably need professional drain cleaning services. First, you should at least attempt to fix it with a plunger. However, if the gurgling sounds continue, then it's best to call in for professional drain cleaning. Chances are, there is a clog, and the water pushing past that clog to drain is what is making the gurgling sound. You want to have this clog removed before it completely blocks the drain. 
  2. Drains Smell: If you notice a bad smell coming from the drains, you should immediately call for drain cleaning. While it's not affecting the way the plumbing is working in the home, strong odors coming from the drains can indicate that plumbing issues are soon to start. This usually indicates that there is debris stuck to the sides of the pipes that can catch other things as they move down the drains, eventually causing a clog. 
  3. Water Slow to Move: Finally, if you notice that the water is slow to move down the drains, it's definitely a small clog that is forming and not allowing the water to move fluidly past it. When you notice that the water is not draining right away, you want to call in for professional drain cleaning before you have to worry about more costly services, such as snaking. 

These three signs are warning signs that more serious plumbing issues are going to arise. It's better to hire professionals for a simple drain cleaning to remove the problem before it turns into one of these more serious plumbing problems. This can easily prevent potential water damage in the home, as well as poorly functioning plumbing that is disrupting your day to day routine of showering, washing dishes, and more.