Replacing Your Plumbing? Helpful Info For Deciding Between Copper And PEX

23 February 2018
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Do you have galvanized plumbing in your home? If so, you may be planning to replace it with brand new plumbing. Two of the options you have to pick from the new pipes are copper and PEX. While you may be more familiar with copper plumbing, it helps to know the advantages of both materials so you can make an informed decision.

Copper Plumbing Advantages

Many homeowners decide on copper plumbing because it is the most traditional choice. They are familiar with the material, so they know exactly what they can expect once it is installed in their home. Copper has been a proven material for home plumbing, lasting between 50 and 70 years. You won't even have to think about those pipes again once you replace them with copper.

The copper material also has a natural ability to resist corrosion. One of the biggest problems with your existing galvanized plumbing is that it is prone to corrosion and leaks, which can cause an unexpected pipe burst. This won't be a problem with copper.

Another benefit is that the copper material is very lightweight. If you need to install a long run of plumbing, know that copper does not require many additional supports for the pipe to stay in place.

PEX Plumbing Advantages

The biggest advantage that you'll see with PEX plumbing is how flexible the tube is. When performing the installation, very few joints will need to be installed to get the pipes to fit. They can form a natural bend when going into walls or around curves, which allows the pipe to stay as one continuous piece of pipe. This can help you save money on the installation

If you live in a very cold climate, know that PEX pipes are less likely to burst when the water inside them freezes. You may have a frozen pipe that prevents water from flowing, but you'll easily be able to fix the problem instead of having to clean up a mess.

PEX also does a great job at limiting the amount of heat that dissipates from the water when it is in the pipe. The water will have an easier time staying warm, which cuts down on your energy bills.

Not sure which material is best for your home? Reach out to a local plumber for advice. They can advise you on what material works best for your home, and perform the pipe plumbing replacement for you.