3 Reasons Why Your Home Renovation Needs A Portable Toilet Rental

26 February 2018
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Are you getting ready for a summer home remodeling or renovation project? Have you been making lists of all of the supplies that you'll need to complete your project? With your various blueprints and supply lists, you probably already know exactly how many nails and screws you'll be using but there's a good chance that you've left out one very important aspect of your project. Something that is often forgotten, but can be essential to the success of any construction work is the rental of a portable toilet from a place like A B C Drain & Plumbing. There are numerous reasons why you should consider this, but some of the most important are:

Avoid delays: It's an unfortunate fact of life that humans need to use the restroom on a daily basis, sometimes multiple times per day. When you have people doing hard construction work, they are going to be drinking more water and needing to use the restroom more often. Without a bathroom on site for them to use, they'll have to get in their vehicle and drive to the nearest restroom. The more times that they have to leave the site, the more delayed that your project will be. The lack of a porta potty for construction sites on your property could wind up adding days or even weeks to the estimated construction time.

Better sanitation: When consuming large amounts of water and other beverages, it's sometimes impossible to wait the ten or fifteen minutes or more that it might take to find an appropriate restroom. To this end, the workers in question might simply find an out of the way spot to use to relieve themselves. Even if this is only urine, this practice is both unsanitary and can result in neighbors complaining about the smell. Having a porta potty for construction sites on your property eliminates any reason for the workers to go anywhere else, eliminating sanitation concerns.

Less cleanup: Perhaps your bathroom isn't going to be remodeled or you're saving the bathroom for last. In this case, you might be tempted to simply let the workers use that instead of spending money to rent a porta potty for construction sites. But what you must remember is that these workers will be covered in dirt and grime from the construction. This could damage or stain surfaces in your bathroom, if not cleaned up on a near-daily basis. This dirt and grime can also be accidentally transferred to other areas of the house, either by you or by other workers. In addition, if the water needs to be turned off at any point during the construction process, you'll no longer even have a bathroom available. It's easier and simpler all around if you have a portable toilet from the beginning.