Factors That Determine The Frequency Of Drain Cleaning

27 February 2018
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One of the best maintenance practices you can have for your drains is to keep them clean. Many people know they should clean their drains on a regular basis, but they don't know just how regular this should be. Well, there is no fixed period after which you should clean your drains; the frequency should depend on the following factors:

The Type of Property

The type of property whose drains you want to clean matters because it determines the volume of wastes the drains regularly handle. For example, commercial properties generally handle more wastes than residential properties so the former need more frequent cleaning. Even within commercial properties, the type of business also determines the frequency of cleaning. For example, health facilities and restaurants may need more frequent cleaning than, say, an office complex.

The Age of the Property

A brand new home or a relatively new building can go a long time before it requires drain cleaning because their drain systems are still trouble free. However, older homes tend to have problematic drain systems that require more frequent cleaning. For example, an older home may have outdated pipes or root intrusion that may lead to faster clogging. It may also be that the drain pipes in the older home have not always been excellently cleaned, and there are remnants of debris within the pipes. This means that the drainage system of an old home is more likely to clog faster than a newer home.

Your Household's Lifestyle

How you use your drainage system also determines how fast the drain pipes clog up. Here are some of the habits that are likely to clog up your drains:

·         Brushing your hair in the bath

·         Washing pets in the bathroom

·         Flushing wastes down the toilet

·         Washing dishes in the sink instead of the dishwasher

Therefore, analyze your household's habit to help you know how often you need to clean the drains.

History of the Plumbing System

Lastly, you should also analyze your plumbing system's history because, in most cases, past problems give an indication of future issues. For example, you need to clean your drains frequently if you have battled roots intrusion before, have heard to replace some damaged pipes, and have experienced unexpected clogging in the recent past.

Hopefully, your drain cleaning efforts will help you prevent more serious complications. Don't forget to let a plumbing technician handle any issues that might be discovered during the cleaning sessions.