Minimizing Damage While Replacing A Sewer Line

27 February 2018
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Your home's main sewer line serves as the primary artery through which water flows into your property. This sewer line can become damaged over time, resulting in compromised water flow. Replacing a damaged sewer line used to mean excavating a large trench in order to access the damaged pipes.

Fortunately, there are some simple ways that you can minimize the amount of damage that occurs when replacing a sewer pipe by taking advantage of modern plumbing technology.

Install a pipe liner.

One of the options available to homeowners who need to replace their main sewer line but don't want to damage their existing landscaping is the installation of a pipe liner. This process requires the digging of a small access hole near one end of the damaged sewer line.

A flexible tube made from durable resin materials is inserted into the damaged sewer line. The tube is then inflated to the proper size and given time to cure. As the resin hardens, the tube creates an intact conduit through which water can flow freely into your property.

Although the installation of a pipe liner will slightly reduce the diameter of your sewer line, you shouldn't notice a significant decrease in water pressure or availability.

Invest in pipe bursting.

Another option you might want to consider when you are trying to minimize the amount of damage required to repair a malfunctioning main sewer line is pipe bursting. This method of pipe repair requires the digging of access holes on either end of your main sewer line.

A new pipe is then inserted and pulled through the sewer line, causing the old sewer line to fracture outward in the process. Pipe bursting can be more costly than the installation of a pipe liner, but it is a great option for homeowners with severely damaged sewer lines.

Pipe liners require a mostly intact pipe into which they can be inserted. Since the pipe bursting method is essentially replacing the old sewer line with a new one, the level of damage is not relevant.

Trenchless sewer repairs are becoming more popular among today's homeowners. Unless your home is located close to the main sewer connection, digging up a broken sewer line could result in significant damage to your home's landscape. Opting for the installation of a pipe liner or relying on pipe bursting instead allows you to restore the function of your sewer line without compromising your home's landscape.

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