Thinking About Moving A Plumbing Fixture? Think Carefully

27 February 2018
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Are you thinking of remodeling your home? Maybe you are considering moving a few plumbing fixtures such as the bathtub, kitchen sink, or toilet. Before you do so, stop and consider this.

It Can be Quite Expensive

If your house is on a slab, it will be necessary to break the concrete slab to reach the plumbing and this can be very expensive. Unless you have a big budget, you may be better off leaving the fixtures where they are.

Moving plumbing fixtures such as toilets or baths will mean moving the water supply as well as drainage, and this can be very costly.

Moving a second floor toilet will affect your roofing as the plumbing fixtures are located between the floor and ceiling. Part of your ceiling will have to be ripped apart and put back together, then repainted. You have to consider that extra cost.

Plumber's fees can also be high, as most such jobs will take several days. And remember, you'll be paying your plumber per hour, so you can guess how much that will cost if the jobs goes for, say, five days.

Things can go Wrong

Considering the cost involved in moving plumbing fixtures, you may be tempted to try and do the job yourself. Such a decision can end up being a mistake if the installation is not done properly.

Moving plumbing fixtures is a highly professional work that requires the services of a qualified person. Depending on the scope of the job, you may hire a building contractor or licensed plumbers.

Respect Building Codes

Don't just buy anything you find at the hardware store. Ensure the parts you buy comply with current building codes. This is especially true if you are dealing with an old house. You will find old parts that need to be upgraded.


If your budget does not allow you to move plumbing fixtures, you may consider other options. Instead of adding another sink for example, you could replace it with a modern one with two tubs.

The same applies to the toilet and bath.

Before you decide to move your plumbing fixtures, ask yourself a few questions. Do you have the budget for such a costly job? Are you ready to have your slab or ceiling ripped apart?

Do you want to do it yourself and if so, can you live with the consequences? And finally, can you remodel your home without moving your plumbing fixtures? Contact a service, like Roto-Rooter, for more help.